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SOLEX GROUP OF COMPANIES were the brainchild of two brothers Upali and Daya Wijayasiri, who were blessed with exploring new avenues for success. Having done the initial studies, they launched themselves into water pumps. The company, Solex Engineering Enterprises was incorporated in Sri Lanka as a partnership on the 16th October 1980. 

Even though they started their business in 1980, they could not make significant in roads to the market. Thereby they were compelled to market their products under different labels.

Solex believes in delivering quality over and above expectations of the customer at present and also to look for the quality requirements of future which may or may not have realized by him.

Therefore the management of the Solex Engineering (Pvt) Ltd. Has formulated its quality policy to be in lined with its vision

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Solex Group of Companies

• Solex Engineering (Pvt) Ltd
• Solex International Marketing (Pvt) Ltd.
• Solex Agribusiness (Pvt) Ltd.
• Solex Machinerary (Pvt) Ltd.

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